Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ute Thenert

DR0305 - Animals
DR0304 -Tent
DA 0308 Ring Master Alphabet
Pop Up Card Circus ~ ut-design, with Mini Envelope,
Billets and Labels
sketch pen black for Silhouette Cameo
pearl pen light blue - viva decor
Cardstock in white, 2x blue, red, yellow, vanilla, light brown, brown, pink or rose, black, silver hologram

Cut out tent and lion, in different colored cardstock, tent in blue, red, white, bordure in yellow, curtain in silver hologram. Put together. Do the same with the lion in light brown, brown and black for nose and eyes. Cut out the mini envelope with the Cameo, glue together and fix the lion to the envelope. Sketch and cut the billet file, stick into the envelope. Sketch and cut the labels, use the pearl pen for embellishing.
Cut the letters with ring master alphabet, cut the Pop Up Card, glue the white inlay and the letters into the card, bow the stripes forwards, and glue the tent and the mini envelope to the stripes.

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