Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thanksgiving - Featured Designer Challenge by Emilia Stanojcic

Quickutz / Lifestyle Crafts Cupcake stand DC0121Quickutz / Lifestyle Crafts Wildflower Spring setQuickutz / Lifestyle Crafts Recipe set CC-SHAPE-057-15
Quickutz / Lifestyle Crafts Heritage CC-SHAPE-056-10
Santa’s Workshop (Oval die)
Sizzix Hearts Primitive 657012
Aussie Scrap Source cardstock various colors
Cut 10 each of the Circles from the Cupcake stand and wildflower die.
Cut 2 cupcake stands and stick them together.
Cut out the body and backing card (both free hand drawn).
Lastly cut 1 love heart, 2 banners (one for a shadow effect) and a small triangle.

Roll each of the circles and wildflowers into a cone.

Stick to wildflower cone inside the circle cone.  These will form the turkey feathers.

Stick the stand together (it doesn’t matter which way).

Stick all of the feathers to the backing board then stick it to the stand.  I put a slight bend in the stands feet to make sure it is able to hold the weight of the turkey’s body.

Cut out the ovals and write what you are grateful for on each card.

Stick the body on then insert each card into the feathers.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  1. Very cute and so creative! Great project!

  2. This is fantastic makes me sad we dont celebrate thanksgiving in the u.k what a great project this is. Marie