Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ute Thenert - Back to School

How to make a pen for cards or scrapbooking
Ebossing pen
Soft mat or pad
#6 die from nesting rectangles by QuicKutz/Lifestyle Crafts

Step 1:

First you cut a rectangle (8.8cm x 3.7cm) with the #6 die from the nesting rectangles set using light brown or vanilla cardstock.

Step 2:
Draw lines like shown in the pic, right and left 1cm distance to the edge. Then above a horizontal line with 1.5 cm distances to the top. In the middle make 2 new lines right and left with 0,5cm distance. Then connect point A to point B with a bent line and a great bent line from C - C at the top. Color the C - C line with the future color of the pen. Now cut at an angle with the scissor from D to C on the left side. On the right side cut out the square /triangle D-B-C.  Picture with number 2 within/or above.

Step 3:
Emboss the 4 lines in the middle and fold them.

Step 4:
Fold the two 1cm-stripes backward and glue them together.  

Step 5:
Finally make the tip of the pen, adhere he triangle B-A-C to the other side.
You can stain the pen with Ranger Ink Distress for the color of your pen.
Now you have made it, your first own pen for cards or scrapbooking!  :)

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